Friday, May 08, 2015

Your lunchtime is my bedtime. Bizarre. What is this life we are toying around with? Not a game. Not what we expected. It is twilight-zone-ish at times. But it is all we needed it to be. Our beautiful selves and our beautiful little home created in our hearts, brains and veins. We shall lie down and talk under the stars. They are inspirational.

Thursday, May 07, 2015
those old notes

It was the old emails of the account that you almost forgot of its existance. They are like old "love letters" calling out to you again. The unread ones, emails that you left hanging there all brand new, even though holds no more validity, it meant something. It was a communication that was somehow thought up as lost. Man vs technology. How we couldve always won with gut feelings, kindred spirits and memories that connect our minds telepathically. If I didnt make that little effort of checking, it couldve been lost among 37,890 other emails including spam.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Today is Yin Yoga day

hahahaha.  I know.   Yoga is boring to some.  But it's my peace.  My serenity. My sanity at most times.

I don't feel compelled to blog about the many, many happenings in my life, nor would I feel apologetic on not updating this blog.  Why should I?  I'm not paid to do this. Neither do I owe anyone any information about what's going on in my life, since it's more of an open (Face)book these days :)


As you get older, and your kids have grown up, some people like me tend to reach out to life's greater challenges instead of sitting in a comfort zone.


I registered myself into Amazing Race Asia season 4  heh heh...

All of my friends turned into instant cheerleaders, as soon as I mentioned it.   Lila , my yoga instructor, will be with me.  There's supposed to be another friend who's supposed to sign up too in a different application, but he had to bail out after he got into an accident with his Hypermotard.


So there we were, me and Lila, at the audition, being ourselves.  Being darlings (puke!) in front of the camera.


Fingers crossed. for any luck there may be :)

Just viewed some pictures taken from Babyface's concert recently, taken by my cousin (Feryal)'s boyfriend, Kay.   Thanks dude.

Kids are starting tuition with a new tuition teacher next week.   Home tutoring have always been the solution since I have no maid and will be spending a hell lot of time driving. Jr works on weekends too most of the time, so home tutoring's the way to go.

Gotta get back to work.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Hello again

My dear blog that I once loved.


Actually, I still do (love blogging) :)

The writings that I have in you may not be as colorful, for those without colors are really of realists.


Pure, raw and seeing life from the deeper side of reality.

Its actually pain. But i am loving it.


Who says I am too lazy to blog?  I update my facebook status sometimes 3 times a day and responding to statuses is like blogging too.


Old loves are the truest.   The truest loves are old.


It's funny how life takes funny turns.


I'm dealing with it in a not-funny way.


Does anybody still reads this? Do i really care?

Maybe and no.

Riddles.  Aren't they amazing? Its circus-like, childlike, even have colors of its own.

There's just a lot to deal with these days.  Wish juggling everything is as easy as juggling breasts or balls.


Yoga time.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009
As of now...

Actually this is something I have known for years.

Donkey years.

And as I hear it at least once every year, I've become numb.

I have always been, officially been, a woman, that is a bad influence to wives.
A person, that a lot of husbands do NOT like and forbid their wives to be friends with.
Telling their wives to not be like me.

The person, that the wives (yes the same wives!) run to, after their bitter divorces with THOSE husbands (:O!)

life is sweet. Dolce. Its full of victory.

Sickly sweet victory.

Why am I not surprised when I hear another "Babe, dulu kan (letak nama ex-husband di sini) tak suka aku kawan dengan kau. He just hates you when kau tak buat apa pun. I dont know why!"

There's always a price to pay, when you always mind your own business.

To the friends, who are temporarily gone, or should I say "taken away for a while", trying to win a war in a marital battleground, I will still be that friend, who you can count on.

Im not going anywhere.

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