Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Hello again

My dear blog that I once loved.


Actually, I still do (love blogging) :)

The writings that I have in you may not be as colorful, for those without colors are really of realists.


Pure, raw and seeing life from the deeper side of reality.

Its actually pain. But i am loving it.


Who says I am too lazy to blog?  I update my facebook status sometimes 3 times a day and responding to statuses is like blogging too.


Old loves are the truest.   The truest loves are old.


It's funny how life takes funny turns.


I'm dealing with it in a not-funny way.


Does anybody still reads this? Do i really care?

Maybe and no.

Riddles.  Aren't they amazing? Its circus-like, childlike, even have colors of its own.

There's just a lot to deal with these days.  Wish juggling everything is as easy as juggling breasts or balls.


Yoga time.


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