Friday, March 06, 2009
Exes anonymous

WHAT DO YOU DO..........

when you bump into your husband's ex girlfriends?  what do you check
out first?   we women have the tendency to do this image scan/sweep ,
some use that to bitch, some do that just to study what's better to
impress the husband further.

What do I look at first when I bump into them?

I actually look down and see if they have painted toe-nails.
Yup.  I dunno why but I do that, everytime.  Not that I meet or bump into them
every week or often enough, but when I do, yeah, tengok kuku kaki dia.

What does that depict?  style? cleanliness? fashionista?  wealth?

I'm so proud of him. They are very pretty really.

And yes, I do peck their cheeks and say hello when introduced.
Sincerely. Two of them I remember looked very immaculate, almost
untouchable, but not in an airy kind of way.  No hostility was
portrayed from both parties. Not that I care what they think either.

Ive always thought exes are interesting beings.  Honestly.

But they are just good for first-impressions. I dont exactly intend to find out further than their painted toe-nails.

As for my husband, he feels its great  to know they are alright. Not that I'm gonna marah if they wanna reminisce anything pun.  After all, they were there before me.

Friday, November 07, 2008
2 years

2 beautiful years.

I want to be able to say that again for another 2 years or 20 years more and hopefully as my last career stop.

This place has brought a lot of merryment in my life and I thank it wholeheartedly. 

That is why, late nights, or weekends, on demand..... is nothing.

Happy anniversary to me here.

*tiup lilin dari muffin O'Briens*

Wednesday, November 05, 2008
have I really lived it?

Sometime ago, someone 40-something said that he is tired of working already and he considered what he is in his career now as something he could easily say "I have arrived".

Well, I cant say that. 

But I know I have lived lives not many have.

Yesterday, a friend (who I have learned more or less about life from these days, and him, me, I hope) asked me of how I can manage my time to have some "free"s in between.

I told him, that my soiled diaper days are over, i have had break ups and downs, travelled places and met faces,  its just basically managing and raising what's left to a level and quality I could be happy or proud of.

I can't really see my life as having too much free time too. There's always multi-tasking "something" going on while I am doing something that looks like as if I am free.  There's always something pending somewhere. Something long-overdue, etc. that makes me someone that don't even know the meaning of boredom anymore.  

May not be the best or get the best in life, but make sure the best is done anyways.

Still there's a lot more to learn.

Friday, October 24, 2008
Time flies, when you're having fun

Ive dealt. 

And will deal with it over and over again.

I wont lose my head over this, even though losing others to situations are happening quite often (quite?  I really meant OFTEN!) in my life.

Another person will be gone soon.  Chin up and pick up the pieces. Come next year, another one.

Just when I am having (lots of) fun.  

If only ...

well, then............

back to basics.  Home. Family. Love. home cooked food. Laughter. Hugs. Kisses. Eternal happiness. sleeping in each others arms. Smelling each others' hair when you hug.  Inhaling the warmth and knowing you'll be there for each other as long as you live. Knowing forgiveness is not something taken advantage of out of any situations taken for granted.

The home where you come to, when you're good.. or bad.

And of course, there's faith.

You're luckier than me, mate. I wish I could get out of the country too.

Monday, September 29, 2008
A wish

A little Selamat Hari Raya wish from me and the family, to all our relatives, colleagues, friends, near and far (but nevertheless close to our hearts).

Maaf Zahir & Batin.

I will be celebrating the Raya in KL (never underestimate that KL Raya is not merry) and will be visiting the planned 7 houses on the first two days.

Sembahyang sunat Raya is diwajibkan in our beloved Bangsar mosque for nostalgic and sentimental purposes.   Hope to see most of our old neighbours and lots of familiar faces on that Raya morning.

To all Muslims, have a good one. To the nons, happy hols! :)

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