Entry: As of now... Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Actually this is something I have known for years.

Donkey years.

And as I hear it at least once every year, I've become numb.

I have always been, officially been, a woman, that is a bad influence to wives.
A person, that a lot of husbands do NOT like and forbid their wives to be friends with.
Telling their wives to not be like me.

The person, that the wives (yes the same wives!) run to, after their bitter divorces with THOSE husbands (:O!)

life is sweet. Dolce. Its full of victory.

Sickly sweet victory.

Why am I not surprised when I hear another "Babe, dulu kan (letak nama ex-husband di sini) tak suka aku kawan dengan kau. He just hates you when kau tak buat apa pun. I dont know why!"

There's always a price to pay, when you always mind your own business.

To the friends, who are temporarily gone, or should I say "taken away for a while", trying to win a war in a marital battleground, I will still be that friend, who you can count on.

Im not going anywhere.


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